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PY500 intelligent digital pressure gauge

Input Signal:4-20mA,; 0-5V; 0.5-4.5V; 0-10V;

Output:4-20mA,; 0-5V; 0.5-4.5V; 0-10V; 485 communication

Power Requirement:85-265 VAC 50Hz-60Hz


Hole Size:92*92mm/92*46mm/46*92mm

Product description

product description:

  PY500 intelligent digital display pressure gauge integrates many international advanced electronic technologies, single-chip computer technology, electric erasing technology and anti-interference technology, thus ensuring the instrument has the advantages of high precision of measurement and control and strong anti-interference performance. The whole machine adopts 96×96×100 (PY500)/96×48×100 (PY500H)/ 48×96×100 (PY500S) casing with small size, light weight, low power consumption, complete functions, reliable operation and use. Convenient and flexible, with our company PT30-series normal temperature pressure transmitter to monitor pressure; can set upper and lower limit alarm, with LED alarm indication, relay contact output control external actuator; with high precision voltage output module, The current output module, the relay output control module and the communication module are available for the user to select;



  Power requirements: 85-265 VAC 50Hz - 60Hz

  Dimensions: 96 × 96 × 100mm / 96 × 48 × 100 mm 48 × 96 × 100mm

  Opening size: 92×92mm/92×46mm/46×92mm

  Its own weight is about: 400 g / 200 g / / 200 g




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